Thursday, June 7, 2012

It's been a while

REMI 06.06.12

It's been a couple months since the last time I posted about our REMI dog.  I figured it's time to share a lot of new things that have happened to REMI.

The good news is his Mange is under complete control. He takes meds every single day and no longer struggles with Elliott to take them.

He is an inside dog now. Prior to getting fixed, he lived in the garage of our home.  It worried us because we live in Houston, TX and the heat was coming. Thankfully we were able to afford his surgery.

Not only is he an inside dog, but he's a spoiled little guy.
He is your typical little brother. He's constantly picking on his two older sisters, Leana Little (Jack Russel) and Jayla (Boxer).

Since he is a puppy we don't allow him to run crazy when we are not home. His crate was moved from the garage to our Dining Room. Yes, our Dining Room. He loves to chew on just about everything, not least not yet.

His crate always has towels, blankets, or old bed sheets for him to keep comfy.  He has this funny habit of bringing his bed stuff out to the living room or onto the couch he loves.  Randomly the other day I found one of his bed sheets in the middle of the bedroom.  I think it's kind of like a little kid that carries their blanket around.

He has learned to sit and to park his butt down on the floor.
He has learned the routine his two sisters have grown accustom to. Ex: Breakfast & Dinner time, Recess.
He understands the words 'Outside' and 'Vamos a fuera' which is Spanish for let's go. Yes, REMI is bilingual haha!

He is also a cuddle bug! He loves throwing his buddy on you and letting you rub on him. I've always had dogs, small and big, and have always wanted a big dog that would cuddle with me on the couch. :]

His name went from being REMI, to my boo, to booboo! He knows you're talking about him if you say any of those names!

Saturday, June 2nd, REMI received his first real collar. He's had a chain collar for some disciplinary learning but since he's been so good Elliott bought him a sweet collar from Target.

Overall, REMI has been a fantastic learning experience for us. He's learned quite a bit as well.

You have changed us into completely different people and for that we will always be grateful!
Love you,
Mom & Dad <3

More on The REMI Project soon. I have lots of pictures, stories, and videos to share.
Stay tuned!



  1. He looks great!!! I like how he knows his names and is bilingual!! :D

    1. He's actually a lot brighter than we originally thought. I think a lot of it had to do with his puppy ways. Living on the street for pretty much all of your first year on Earth kinda makes you stuck in your ways. But he's learning to obey pretty fast and also has learned how to deal with the other dogs in the family! We couldn't be prouder! :]

      All the fur-babies are bilingual, he is no different!