Sunday, January 8, 2012

REMI's 2nd Vet Visit..

Remi didn't seem too excited to go to the vet on Friday, but it had to be done. We were pretty excited to see how much weight he had actually gained and we wanted to show off how awesome our boy was coming along.

The ladies at The Sugarland Pet Hospital were pretty surprised to see how alert he was compared to the last time he was there. A couple of people in the waiting room were very curious as to what had happened to REMI and whether or not he was going to make it. As usual, we were positive about our boy and how great he was doing.

Dr. Brust was pretty damn surprised when he walked into the room and saw REMI. He couldn't believe it had only been two weeks since we had last been there. REMI was weighed and we were a bit sad that he had only gained 3.5lbs. But better than nothing right? Dr. Brust told us to feed him a cup and a half three times a day rather than just one cup three times a day like we were doing. He said his skin looked much better and that the Mange wasn't as bad as before cause he didn't smell so bad.

We told him how great he's been with us and how he eats all of his food. He wags his tail, kisses us, and follows Elliott everywhere he goes. I think he might be in love with him, haha!

Dr. Brust gave us some more meds and told us to keep up the good work. REMI also got his
rabies vaccine and he didn't seem to care too much about the needle. Dr. Brust also trimmed his nails and gave him plenty of treats.

Don't think I mentioned how much our first visit cost us. Since we want to bring awareness to dogs who are sick and homeless it only seems fair that we tell you exactly how much we're spending on our boy REMI.

Our first visit cost us roughly about $160 and Friday's visit cost us $73. The big bag of food that we bought him cost us $45. We feed our girls Bil-Jac and they seem to love it. So we decided to buy him the same brand but puppy food to strengthen him up.

Overall, REMI is doing great and we couldn't be any happier. While Elliott and I are at work, Elliott's brother, Allen takes REMI on walks and sometimes jogs around our neighborhood. People are starting to notice that the dog they see, is the same boy who was roaming the streets a couple of weeks ago. Lots of people are telling us congratulations and that we're going to heaven. We aren't doing this to look good or to make ourselves feel any better. Our only concern is to give REMI the life he deserves and the life he was robbed of when he was put on the street.

Elliott & Allen talked to our neighbor today about REMI and all the strays on our block this morning. Apparently REMI was roaming our block last summer and then disappeared for a while. Thankfully he came back at the right time and showed up at the right place. I grew up in the house we currently live in and I'm pretty damn surprised how many strays there are now. It can be a bit scary too due to there being more than one dog roaming the streets. These dogs are roaming in packs, not safe for them or for us. I'm not sure what's going on with Houston's Animal Control, but what I do know is that they are failing these dogs and all of it's citizens.

We can't save them all but what we can do is encourage people to educate themselves a bit more and stop breeding the dogs they do have. You cannot be a responsible dog owner if you're breeding constantly. We need to spay and neuter as soon as they become of age in order to keep the dog population under control. We were given the okay from Dr. Brust to neuter REMI in four weeks. Next Saturday we have another appt and Dr. Brust will scrape off a bit of skin from REMI to see how the Mange is coming along.

It's pretty exciting to see REMI and his little pink spots, his skin is seriously looking a lot better. We also noticed today that he has hair growing pretty much everywhere. Not much right now, just little patches here and there..but we are pretty impressed.

Elliott & I want to thank everyone for their concerns about our boy. It means a lot to us that there are people who care and are genuinely interested in REMI's well being.

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