Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Hi there, Welcome to The REMI Project! Our names are Elliott & Ariana and we're glad you stopped by.

The REMI project began on December 22nd, 2011, near 5:00pm. Elliott & I were just getting home from a long day at work. Across the street I saw what looked like a terrified dog. I parked my car and crossed the street to check out the dog a bit closer. Before I continue there is something you must know about us. Elliott & I currently have four dogs of our own. A Boxer with a missing toe, a Jack Russell with a short hine leg, a Chihuahua with missing teeth, and her daughter, who is a complete spazz! We have a big soft spot in our hearts for all types of dogs.

So let's continue..
As we got closer to the dog we immediately knew he needed our help. He was skin and bones and had an obvious skin disorder. Mange is what came to our minds, due to the hair loss and the dark rough skin we saw. We've never had a dog with Mange and had no idea what we would be up against. But that wasn't important to us, right now all we wanted to do was feed him. It took us an hour or so before he would approach the bowl with food. We called multiple places for help but the numbers we called were either closed or had no idea how to help.

After eating all the food, he walked back across the street and sat down where we initially saw him. We continued to call him and coax him with food so that we could somehow get him some help. Elliott followed him down the street with beef treats but he wanted nothing to do with him. After a while we started losing hope. We wanted so badly to help, yet we felt so helpless. We set up a big crate with towels, water, and some blankets covering the crate to keep out the winter wind. We left for dinner with some friends in hopes that he would be in or near the crate when we returned home.

When we returned home we were pretty damn surprised to see him snuggled up in the crate. We tried closing the crate but couldn't succeed, he was far too scared to stick around. I filled up his water bowl and we called it a night.

The next morning we were pretty sure he would still be in there. If we knew anything about dogs it was that if you feed them, they'll always come back. And there he was..our little Christmas puppy. After feeding him and talking to him in our sweet soft voices, we left for work. It was our goal to find out where we could take him to either fix him up or stop the suffering by euthanasia before the holidays....


Stay tuned for more on Remi..

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